Those who don’t understand Ethereum ETH believe it was simply created, however, when you fully understand it, you will realize the asset is simply a portal to a new future that is being discovered. Bankless co-founder David Hoffman believes that Ethereum is lifting the archaic veil from the legacy system, replacing the good, bad, and ugly on a daily basis. Hoffman explains that in order for Ethereum to establish itself as a financial revolution, the necessary major upgrades as we transition to 2.0 will inevitably continue to have growing pains. Achieving this milestone, although not a simple task, is critical for the better of global finance.

What is Ethereum? What problems was Ethereum created to solve? What might Ethereum become in the future? ‘Ethereum an Investigation’ attempts to answer these questions. This 90-minute documentary includes clips from interviews with key figures working on the core Ethereum protocol, as well as projects that utilize Ethereum in their business cases. The documentary features interviews with Ethereum cofounder, Vitalik Buterin, ConsenSys CEO, Joe Lubin and other key figures including Kain Warwick, founder of Synthetix, Hudson Jameson, Community Manager at the Ethereum Foundation, and Paul Brody, Principal & Global Blockchain Leader at EY. Commentary and analysis are provided by Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO, Ash Bennington, Real Vision crypto editor, and Alex Saunders founder and CEO of Nuggets News. The roster of expert guests is rounded out by Witek Radomski, CTO and cofounder of Enjin, Preston Van Loon, cofounder of Prismatic Labs and Ethereum protocol developer, and David Hoffman, RealT chief of operations. Key Learnings: Several years after Ethereum’s inception, many of the most exciting projects in the ecosystem are no longer theoretical but are now live in production and competing for fee generation. We are no longer in the realm of theory. Ethereum has created an open source, permissionless financial revolution, where even major players in traditional finance, which are known to be protective of their own proprietary code, algos, and models, are now contributing directly to Ethereum’s open-source code base. The next phase of Ethereum — ETH 2.0, which has now been initiated — will increase the value proposition, provide yield to ETH holders, and reduce the cost of security.

Un interessante dialogo su Ethereum tra Scott Melker e David Hoffman di Bankless nel primo video, mentre nel seguente Scott esamina i grafici ed i fondamentali e ci informa dei possibili sviluppi nel breve e medio periodo dopo che ETH ha raggiunto nuovi massimi superando i 3200$ (3300$ al momento della pubblicazione 🚀), assime ad una breve analisi su Bitcoin BTC ed il mercato crypto. Mentre nell’ultimo video un documentario con interviste con varie figure attive nell’ecosistema Ethereum che parlano sia del protocollo ETH che di casi d’uso dello stesso.

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