What happened to cryptocurrency? Should you sell or buy? Analysts make sense of Bitcoin market chaos
Why is the market crashing? When will it stop? Is this the next bear market? Join Cointelegraph for an interactive livestream today at 1pm ET. We will explain what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to deal with a situation like this. We are a community and together we are strong. Stay safe out there.

Can Bitcoin still reach $100K this bull cycle? | Interview with Lyn Alden
Strategic investor Lyn Alden shares her view on the current status of Bitcoin’s bull cycle, its remaining upside potential and risks ahead.

Has Wall Street taken over Bitcoin? | Interview with Ben Hunt
As Wall Street gets increasingly involved in the crypto space, regulation becomes more stringent and infrastructure around Bitcoin increasingly permissioned. According to Ben Hunt, the founder of Second Foundation Partners, this process is threatening the core features of Bitcoin: censorship resistance and permissionless access.

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